Your Gateway To Smart Contracts

No-code smart contract platform for individual users, vendors and businesses to guarantee fair transactions of crypto, goods, and services under blockchain protection

What is Zenland?

Through its smart contract platform with built-in templates, Zenland empowers non-technical people to exist in a fair and just world. Our platform is home to freelancers, OTC participants, and anyone looking to safely buy or sell services or goods with the guarantee of the formal agreement but with no middleman involved.

More About Zenland

Our Mission

As Zenlanders, we simplify the complex.

You do not have to be a developer to deploy smart contract code into the blockchain. Nor do you need to hire a lawyer to get a signed agreement with another person. Zenland contracts are self-executed programs that are run across supported blockchain networks with the click of the buttons. Designed with non-technical users in mind, Zenland is a promise to bring smart contracts to regular use and transform how we do business today.

This is Your Smart Contract Journey

Of course, every case is unique and people contract freelancers and part-time employees, buy and sell cars, collectibles, luxury goods, websites and domain names, and more. But let's start with the symbolic apples case!

Lola drafts a smart contract

Lola wants to bake an apple pie and needs "freshly green" apples to buy. She wants to make sure the apples she buys from Mark fit the description.They both agree on the terms and Lola drafts a Zenland contract.

Mark approves it and Lola deposits money

Mark signs into his Zenland account and approves Lola's contract confirming the deal. Now, Lola submits the contract to the blockchain, transfers the money and locks them in the blockchain until the apples arrive.

Marks sees money deposited and ships apples

Mark checks the contract address and sees that Lola has already deposited the negotiated sum into it. He ships "freshly green" apples to Lola and confirms that he has completed the contract conditions on his part.

Lola receives apples and releases money

Lola receives apples, tastes the freshness, and, satisfied, releases the money locked in the smart contract. Mark sees the money immediately added to his blockchain wallet and sends a "Thank you" note to Lola

How Zenland Is Different

transparent and open

Once the contract is active, the participants can easily check an encrypted transaction by transaction hash using blockchain explorer websites.

decentralized escrow

With no central authority, escrow smart contracts securely lock funds in the blockchain and release only after conditions are met by both sides.

safe and fair transactions

Unlike the real-world contracts, once a smart contract has been deployed no party can alter conditions and withdraw funds for self-interest.

on-call dispute resolution

While smart contracts are self-executed, disputes are not. Trained Zenlanders are here to judge disputable cases to bring you resolution.

no app download required

No need for another application, use a blockchain wallet you already have. Simply connect a wallet and use a template to create smart contracts.

buy and sell anything

Whether it is a service, crypto, physical or digital goods, smart contracts will guarantee the sides are fulfilling the promises agreed upon.